Master Classes

The Fabienne Colas Foundation wants to offer artists and the general public the tools they need to better understand the various aspects of the process of artistic creation and entrepreneurship. To this end, it invites seasoned influential figures in the industry to come and share their career paths and knowledge at master classes and seminars. Some of our recent activities :

  • Independent cinema today with Danny Glover, 2013 MIBFF
  • “The Nine-Step Plan for Success” seminar with Stedman Graham, 2012 MIBFF and TBFF
  • From the Reasons to the Grapes of Black Wrath: Movie Discussion with Michaelle Jean and Jean Daniel Lafond, 2013 Fade to Black
  • An Intimate Evening with Harry Belafonte, 2012 MIBFF
  • At the heart of Haitian literature with Dany Laferrière, 2013 Festival Haïti en Folie (Haiti on Fire)

Conferences and Round-Tables

Conferences and discussions allow participants and panelists to exchange ideas and points of view on current cultural, social and socio-economic issues. The Foundation encourages and promotes this type of activity as it helps to broaden the knowledge and develop the opinions of both the professionals and the public in general. Some examples of our round-tables/conferences :

  • The “Black Market” activities of the 2014 MIBFF
  • Screens Too White in Quebec’s Mixed Society, 2009 and 2013 MIBFF
  • Haiti during and after the Earthquake, 2010 MIBFF
  • Voodoo from Haiti to Montreal, 2008 MIBFF
  • Modern-Day Slavery in the Dominican Republic, 2007 MIBFF

Workshops and Demonstrations

Workshops and demonstrations allow us to discover the original, fun or literary activities connected with different black cultures. For the Fabienne Colas Foundation, these cultural activities are opportunities for artists and audiences to meet, discover and share. The artist conveys a piece of his or her knowledge and the audience discovers something new and is enriched by the experience.

  • Spoken Word demonstration, 2014 TBFF
  • Folk dancing workshop with Sherane Figaro, 2013 Festival Haïti en Folie (Haiti on Fire)
  • Haitian percussion workshop with Diolkidi, 2013 Festival Haïti en Folie
  • Kite workshop with Anthony Benoît, 2010 and 2013 Festival Haïti en Folie

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