The Fabienne Colas Foundation (FCF), is a non-profit cultural organization whose mission is to advance education in the arts as well as to support the creation, production, promotion and dissemination of cinema, the arts and culture in Canada and elsewhere. The FCF is a forum for discussing the major artistic, cultural, social and socio-economic issues currently facing us, through movie discussions, round-tables, conferences, master classes and so on. Our goals :

  • For the Artistic Disciplines

    To advance education in the arts through training and mentoring programs aimed at the artists as well as through demonstrations to the public ; To encourage the meeting of ideas about artistic practices and the expression of all points of view ; To renew audiences for independent cinema and other forms of art ; To develop new markets for artists ; To create an environment conducive to partnership and collaboration ;

  • For Artists

    To strengthen capabilities, namely by offering mentorships, master classes, training and professional development workshops, as well as achievement awards and grants to artists ; To offer a platform and give a voice to artists who, otherwise, would not have been seen or heard ; To support the creativity and promotion of artists and the production and screening of their works ;

  • For Audiences

    To influence through the arts the way in which they see the world by diversifying the range of cultural activities in Canada and elsewhere ; To provide access to artistic works and shows they would not otherwise see ; To provide access to the creators in order to better understand the creative process of a given work ;

  • For the Community

    To leverage the power of the arts to foster diversity ; To stimulate closer intercultural ties ; To promote positive social changes, the strengthening of communities and an economic impact. To help topple taboos, break down barriers and build bridges between communities ;

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