The Fabienne Colas Foundation (FCF) wants to promote culture and the arts in all their forms in Canada and elsewhere. It hopes to showcase more culturally diverse artists on the international scene but, above all, to encourage, recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements and works of artists through film festivals, multi-disciplinary festivals, workshops, internships, contests and excellence awards.

The Foundation would also like to give audiences access to artists and their works outside the festival period by hosting film screenings, exhibitions, debates, round-tables, etc. all year long, this, with a view to giving people the opportunity to exchange points of view, broaden their knowledge and discover new works. This will also provide artists with a new window for gaining new audiences.

It is for the above reasons that the FCF has created, in collaboration with ZaZa Production, various large festivals that draw thousands of festival-goers each year, put hundreds of artists in the limelight, and attract exceptional media coverage. These festivals include :

Festival Int du Film Black de Montreal

Festival du Film Black de Toronto – Février à Toronto

Présenté par Global Toronto depuis sa création en 2013, le Festival du Film Black de Toronto (en anglais TBFF) n’est que découverte cinématographique! Il est international, original, indépendant, politiquement incorrect et ouvert d’esprit. Le TBFF présente les films noirs les plus remarquables et les plus puissants tout en créant …

Festival du Film Black de Toronto

Toronto Black Film Festival (TBFF) – February, in Toronto

Presented by Global Toronto since its creation in 2013, the TBFF is not just a cinematic discovery! It is also an international, original, independent, politically incorrect and open-minded event. The TBFF presents the most remarkable and the most powerful black films, while a space for debating and discussing the major …

Festivals Haiti en Folie

Festival Haïti en Folie (Haiti on Fire) – July, in Montreal

Created in Montreal in 2007 and presented by the Centre des Viandes F. Iasenza, today the Festival Haïti en Folie in Montreal is the largest multi-disciplinary festival outside Haiti entirely dedicated to Haitian culture. It offers a diverse program combining music, film, theatre, dance, food, literature, conferences, storytelling, crafts, painting…

Festival Fondu au Noir

Fade to Black – February, in Montreal

Presented by TD Bank since its inception in 2012, FADE TO BLACK is a multi-disciplinary program comprising film, music, literature and dance held in Montreal during Black History Month. It also offers debates and discussions on social and cultural topics that are core concerns of the black communities :  “getting to know each other better leads to greater understanding.”

Festivals -Festival du Film Quebecois en Haiti

Quebecois Film Festival in Haiti (QFFH) – March, in Haiti

The goal of the QFFH, created in 2009, is to encourage closer cultural ties between Quebec and Haiti by presenting Haitians with the richness of Quebec cinema through free film screenings open to all. It also offers conferences, workshops and other activities. QFFH has received, as a special guest, famous author and Académie française (French academy) member, Dany Laferrière.

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